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and my specialty is finding your vibe. Yup, I’m a VIBE-FINDER. I can talk to you for an hour and tell you what you’re about, the best qualities you offer this beautiful world we’re in, and translate your jam (your secret sauce) into some website magic. My educational background is in Psychology and I’m a creative until death. Those two fun facts about me are what make me a branding queen. YOUR branding queen here to serve the website of your dreams up on a silver platter.


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All you have to do is drag, drop, plug and play on the easiest DIY website platform there ever was: Showit. My templates are user-friendly and come with video trainings from yours truly for you to get your website up and running in under a week! Browse and shop bold, eye-catching templates that will attract your dream clients and truly show off your magic.

Don't worry about designing your website. i already did it for you.

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DIY websites aren't your thing?

A VIP tailored experience for you if your website needs a few more pages than just the basics. Includes an 8+ page website customized from your choice of a Soulbright Template, Crystal Clear Branding Session, and a Social Media Kit to translate your new, aligned brand to the digital world seamlessly.


I'll create aligned branding with my Crystal Clear Branding Session, customize your favorite Soulbright Studios Template, and launch your new website in just three days (yes, three!). This is your easy button for getting your brand & website launched or refreshed! 

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We'll get clarity on the heartbeat of your brand and bring it to life with my signature Crystal Clear Branding Session. You'll walk away with confidence in your brand strategy, too many “ah-ha!” light bulb moments to count, wordmark logos, color palette, and font suite.


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wellness educator

Lauren L.

She takes aspects of you and your style that she’s able to glean from her interactions with you and uses them to embody your brand. It’s a gift. All I can say is that with an hour or so of asking me questions, running color palettes by me, and working her magic, she was able to create an entire branding kit that (ZERO EXAGGERATION) brought tears to my eyes. It was absolutely perfect; I couldn’t have wanted anything more.

"She just knows people and reads their vibe."

studio b three, brow studio

Brigitte B.

My branding was outdated and long overdue for some sprucing up. I chatted with her briefly about the direction in which I was hoping to achieve. I didn’t really have a clear vision of exact style and colors. With her creative ability, she took the limited information I gave her and created the branding of my dreams! My branding feels completely elevated and timeless.

"she took the limited info I gave her & created the branding of my dreams."

Somatic healer & therapist

Stephanie S.

Charissa is the best investment I’ve made in my company. Her attention to detail, care, and passion were palpable from beginning to end. She has a gift for translating your personal and business magic into a brand. She zeroed in on the key ingredients I needed and created a visual representation of the key themes behind my company's mission. I can’t recommend her work highly enough. She is someone who sees into your true layers, and helps you see it too. 

"I came away feeling reinvigorated & creatively connected to my business."

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Raise your hand if you’re ready to feel ALIGNED and straight up GIDDY EXCITED over your brand and website. Maybe your website needs a major makeover and just feels nothing like you. Or maybe your website is *ahem* nonexistent. Out with the old, in with the new. It's time to get clear and have a website and brand that mirrors your soul and is vibey AF.

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